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Mastering Live Streaming with Rec'n'Go

December 10, 20232 min read

Mastering Live Streaming with Reck and Go:
A Game Changer for Smartphone Filmmakers

Welcome back to Smartphone Filmmaking Pro! I'm Julian, and I'm thrilled to share a major update. We've never ventured into live streaming, but that's about to change. On January 7th, we'll host our very first live stream to unveil our groundbreaking new product. While that's the main event, this blog dives into the live streaming aspect and an incredible app that's a game-changer: Rec'n'Go.

presenting the app rec n go for live streams

Discovering Rec'n'Go

At the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, I crossed paths with the creators of
Rec'n'Go. This app piqued my interest, promising a simple, efficient live streaming experience. Join me on a walkthrough and overview of this app, uncovering whether it's a must-have tool for your filmmaking toolkit.

A Dive Into Rec'n'Go's Features

Rec'n'Go greets you with a sleek interface. Creating projects and managing multiple devices for live streaming is a breeze. The ability to switch between cameras, preload videos, images and logos streamlines the live production process.

Mastering Live Production

I explore Rec'n'Go's live production elements, demonstrating how easily you can switch between sources, add images, and seamlessly incorporate videos while keeping a logo visible - a vital aspect for product launches or sponsored segments.

Effortless Source Integration

The app's strength lies in effortlessly integrating various sources, allowing for smooth transitions between videos, photos, and even external cameras. I demonstrate how I used an iPad as an external camera wirelessly, offering a second angle for the stream—a feature vital for creative content.

Streaming, Recording and Editing Simplicity

Rec'n'Go enables live streaming while simultaneously recording locally or pre-recording streams for later editing. Its user-friendly interface simplifies live editing, eliminating post-production worries.

Why Rec'n'Go Stands Out

What sets Reck and Go apart is its simplicity. The app's ease of use makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Its live editing capabilities ensure a polished stream without post-production hassles.


Rec'n'Go has undoubtedly impressed me with its user-friendly features and seamless live editing capabilities. For all budding smartphone filmmakers looking to venture into live streaming, this app is worth exploring.

Your Turn

Explore Rec'n'Go yourself; it might just revolutionize your live streaming game.

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